Predavanje Prof. Dr. Yüksel Demir - nedjelja, 27.04.2014

18 April 2014





Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Yüksel Demir, Istanbul Technical University

Architecture within the environmental context; climate, topography, nature, human settlements and social aspects; mapping/interpreting the place and incorporating this into a new proposal under geographical/social circumstances; sustainable development with regard to values and intervention to the existing environment; relationship of natural-cultural; human-environment interaction; building-environment interaction.The main goal of this studio is to deal with the fragmented urban tissue of Istanbul Historical Peninsula.  Understanding the natural and cultural context of the peninsula is the first step. The second step is to develop a sustainable proposal integrating temporary users with permanent inhabitants of the area. The main focus is the area surrounding Topkapi Palace Museum and Archaeological Museum.  The students are expected to develop an urban and architectural program involving a museum and related functions in order to rehabilitate the cultural landscape.

Yuksel Demir. Associate Professor, Dr., the head of the department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.
Under his administration, the department opened elective art courses for all engineering students of ITU. He took part in the development process of interdisciplinary first year basic design studio in ITU department of Architecture (2000-2004). Demir worked in Politecnico Di Milano DIAP (now DASTU) as a guest professor (2010-2013) and was a visiting professor in Anadolu University, Department of Architecture (2009-2013).
He founded ITU Mardint Interdisciplinary Research and Development Center (2005). Assigned as advisor to the rector (2014-). Managed several urban and architectural design projects; including some university campuses within this institute. His works and interviews were published in several national and international publications; participated in several national and international scientific meetings, gave lectures in many national and international institutions, won national and international awards in architectural & urban design competitions. He continues to work in the fields of Architectural Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Product Design, ICT in Design, and Art [theory & practice].



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